Sunday, June 21, 2009

UT Models

First draft

Second draft

Final model

Videos of Final Environment


Madonna's Space

Madonna's space is composed of two platforms - one for writing, the other for performing (including Hollywood Bowl style dome). These platforms constantly switch position, emphasising the equal importance of the two aspects of a singer's career.

Image Captures of Final Environment

The hanging minimalist meeting space is designed to emphasise the power of the diagonal transparent supports.

Madonna's Performance Area - here she would practise performing

Madonna's microphone-shaped catapult uses a common image to show the power of the pop star.

All of the light in Obama's Auditorium comes from the thin vertical strip behind Obama's stage, emphasising Obama's power.

4 Image Captures of Draft Environments

First Draft

Second Draft

Sketchup Model

This model contains the two elevators and the dining table (all untextured):

36 Custom Textures